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  • What do you offer for sale?
    I offer for sale replacement sapphires and diamonds for the reading heads of vinyl turntables, record players, hi-fi systems or disc eaters from 1950 to 2000. For cells and belts for sale on the site, I do appeal to my colleague Richard who also has his own small business.
  • What brands do you work with?
    I work mostly with the brand Zarira. The company disappeared several years ago due to the lack of orders following the appearance of CD players. I also work with the Tonar, EVG and NORMARH brands which offer recently manufactured diamonds (Japan or Switzerland). The tips are made of diamond or natural sapphire chips which guarantees sound quality and longevity.
  • When to change the diamond of your platinum?
    I'll be tempted to tell you when it's broken or missing. Now, a diamond has a lifespan of 400 to 500 hours of listening on average and around 50 hours for a sapphire. There is a site that explains in detail when to change the stylus of your turntable.
  • Elliptical or spherical diamond?  Size question...
    An elliptical stylus, by design, falls better in the groove and contacts the entire groove of your vinyl record. This allows you to capture more information. Therefore, the music will be more detailed especially in the treble. On the other hand, an elliptical diamond is a little less resistant to wear (350 hours of listening). The elliptical stylus must also be fine-tuned in terms of tracking force, alignment and angle otherwise it will reduce the number of listening hours A spherical stylus has less contact surface in the groove, so the music is less detailed. This type of diamond is on the other hand more resistant (500 hours of listening) and more economical because it is easy to manufacture. My opinion is that there is more chance that the stylus breaks following bad cleaning or laying the stylus on the disc than it wears out following listening to music . So for a few euros more, if the diamond exists in elliptical and you have the means, treat yourself.
  • When to replace the belt of your turntable?
    When to replace your diamond. Just like the diamond, the strap is an essential element for the proper functioning of the turntable. It is advisable to change it when a turntable has not turned for several years or every 4 or 5 years if it turns regularly. Indeed, over time, the belt loses its elasticity, becomes rough and rigid. The turntable is then less operational. To find out the belt size of your turntable:
  • What are the delivery costs and times
    Delivery costs are 2 euros for France and 5 euros for the rest of the world. Orders are posted the same day by secure tracked letter or the day after the order. A text message is sent to you with the photo of the tracking number as soon as the order is prepared.
  • A notice or comment ?"
    The comments and opinions that you can leave are very important for a website. If you're happy, you can say so, and if you're not, say so. It is important to know what is going well but especially what is wrong in order to improve what can be.
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