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It was in 2011 that the project germinated in my head. One Saturday morning after a visit to the déchèterie, I saw a person throw away his turntable, then in second 10 minutes later... I went to see the second and asking him why  he is 'en  separated. He replied: "The diamond is broken, what do you want me to do with it?" Seeing my astonishment, he explained to me that he had tried to find some from But, Darty, Conforama, Boulanger but without success... He had looked on the internet but had not found his turntable and did not know where to turn... And it is still the case today...

After some research, I found that this was indeed the sad reality. So I had the idea of making a website to reference as many plates, cartridges and diamonds as possible. A kind of free library, accessible to all. It took 4 years and 90% of my free time... and to date,  I have referenced 14700 plates, 4700 cells and 1840 sapphires and diamonds.

The site was created in September 2015. From one visit per week in September 2015, it now exceeds 100 visits per day on average, of which 10% are foreign visitors. And that's enough for my happiness. The site, which only had 2 tabs in 2015, has been expanded following your comments and suggestions. It became a merchant site in August 2016 referenced under the siret number 82204618100019  and still is in 2023.

What took me 1h00 per week at the beginning of the creation of the site to answer questions, now takes me at least 1h30 per day. And I still enjoy it so much. The day when the flame will no longer be present, I will move on. Enjoy doing what I do. That's happiness. I am an emotion seller.

95%  of buyers are individuals. the remaining 5% are record stores, repairers or musical instrument dealers.

I mainly offer ZAFIRA brand diamonds or sapphires with a natural diamond sparkle tip, the quality of which is and remains undisputed. The Zafira company disappeared several years ago due to a lack of orders...

I also work with recently made diamonds (Tonar, EVG, Normarh) which are made in Switzerland or Japan. As a general rule, a diamond has a lifespan of between 450 and 500 hours of listening against 40 to 50 for a sapphire. This lifespan is often shortened when the discs are not in excellent condition and especially if they have been played with a synthetic or poor quality diamond.

For the cells and the belts that are offered for sale, I call on my colleague and friend Richard who also has his own small business.

This is what we can say in broad outline. Now do I listen to vinyl all day with an expensive turntable? No. Personally, I have a Marlux PD264 turntable from the years  80, with a Thomson Z1S reading head which is enough for my happiness.  :o)


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