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DIamant de rechange et cellule de remplacement pour platine vinyle, chaine hifi, tourne disque et electrophone. 4000 pièces en stoc.

Welcome to the website

A very "Old School" looking website for 2023, but it goes perfectly with the world of vinyl turntables. It is fully functional and features photos, an online store, tutorials, FAQs, recent reviews, some slowdowns on certain pages, and many other things to discover...

Sapphire, diamond, conical, elliptical, cartridge, stylus, a vocabulary that is not always understandable to a novice. I invite you to discover the glossary if necessary.

The navigation of the site is basic, if you know what you are looking for, you can go to the red store tab. Otherwise, there is the search tab that allows you to determine the diamond you need. Either with the reference of your turntable, or with the reference of the cartridge, or with the reference of the diamond. And of course, if this is not enough or if you have any doubts, there is the contact section where I will be happy to answer you."


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The only important information :

Buying a quality diamond preserves the musical rendering as well as your records...


The Asian market has rushed into this niche and manufactures copies of diamonds with composite tips of more or less good quality. In fact no, of mediocre quality... The composite is very often plastic and the material degrades in the groove after a few hours. The musical rendering is catastrophic and your disc will not be recoverable.


By searching a little on the net, we manage to find composite diamonds around 3.50 euros each, delivery costs included... These same items are offered for sale on Ebay, Amazon, or Rakuten  around from 20-22 euro...


There are, however, a few sellers and repairers who are passionate about what they do.  Alexis Dalcin in the Tarn, Pierre Enrique in the Gard and David Winter in Paris to name a few who only offer quality items.

The seriousness of a company (regardless of its size) is measured not only by the quality of the products or services it offers but also by the ability to quickly manage questions and resolve difficulties.

​​Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts, questions or if you cannot place the order online. I am rather reactive and reachable by email.



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